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Angel of Music
Hope In Vitro
Jake Forgotten
Sir Poule Eitherside
Ralph Dibney
Dr. Gorden Bell
Ranch Hand
Tomsick (Biker-Fighter)
Police Officer
Ewing Kauffman
James Hardestay
Brent Oxford, God
Secret Service Agent

Miscellaneous Crew Filmography
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1st AD
1st AD
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Private Investigator
Limo Driver
FBI Agent
The Devil is an Ass
Shadow Falls
Sea Monsters
All Roads Lead Home
Raising Jeffrey Dahmer
Mr. K
A Dream of Color in Black and White
Thad Christ
Song of the Dead

Office Party
Man's Best Friend
The Pitch
Over The Shoulder of Sin

Lighthouse LTD Films (Pre-Production)
JenEric Films (Pre-Production)
Aegis on MySpace Film (Pre-Production)
Ambler Films (Filming)
Case Films
Limestone Pictures (Filming)
Gunnpark Productions (Filming)
National Geographic IMAX (Post Prod)
Waldo West Productions
C47 Productions       
Renegade Pictures
Eleventh Day
Monumental Pictures   Teaser Trailer
Pencil Break Films
Show Me Pictures

ATS Productions
Ty Jones
Paula Smith
ATS Productions
Ty Jones